Q+A with The Aliens That Ate Hollywood - Radio Venice

with The Aliens That Ate Hollywood

Who or what inspires you?

Black holes

Why do you love Radio Venice?

We love Radio Venice because they introduce us to new abductees

Favorite song right now?

“Cosmik Debris” by Frank Zappa

Favorite album right now?

“Probe You Night and Day” by The Uranus Kings … and Queens

Latest hobby you picked up?

Perfecting the Vulcan Mind Meld technique

Last thing you read?

The operational manual for The Venus Probe

Best breakup song?

“Take it Out Before You Go Go” by You Know Who

Best makeout song?

“Licking Your Tonsils” by The Flying Saucers

Favorite quarantine activity?

Abducting and mutilating cows

Favorite comfort food?

Barbecued celebrities

Favorite instrument …

The Venus Probe

… and does it have a name?

Slick Willy

The Aliens That Ate Hollywood

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