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Truck Box

Truck Box is a garage rock band started 4 years ago in Venice by Harlan Goldman-Belsma and a rotating cast of friends. Their first gig was a 20 minute scheduling gap at a UCLA radio party where Harlan and original drummer Joey Kaufman raced to find the nearest bass player to bang out a Lowell Fulson cover and the band’s now standard “Yardsale Pupusas”.

Now with the help of Lauren Hickey’s opera schooled harmonies, Nick Krauel’s jazz keyboard wizardry and childhood buddy Liam Hayden on bass, their influences range from Chicago blues and western swing to the freak beat of the old sunset strip. Notorious for being the band to get the backyard party dancing, they’ve started to to realize it’s a good habit to practice more than once before gigs.

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Venmo: @Harlan-Goldman-Belsma

Truck Box on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S18.E08 – November 14, 2021

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