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What an Englishman was doing living in the Highlands of Louisville, Kentucky is really anyone’s guess but TD Lind knew he was pursuing an inescapable dream to become a singer and a songwriter. This dream had moved him away from home and into a rock’n roll band that travelled across Britain playing bars and pubs, it had put him into small night clubs in London and had him playing Jazz piano in the Duc De Lombard over a winter in Paris. Then somewhere between him singing blues nightly at Arthur’s Tavern across from his room on Christopher Street in New York, a cab ride that took him to New Orleans, and making coffee for sessions at Ocean Way studios in Los Angeles, he found four great musicians, formed a band, and made Louisville, Kentucky home.

After then spending months on the road with his band, headlining before thousands on the banks of the Ohio, supporting acts from Ozzy Osbourne to Wilco, recording an album for A&M Records and all the extraordinary experiences in between, he decided to record some new material. These songs were the stories of the people he had met, the details of his life from small European clubs to the untouched towns of the Mid-West and were unlike anything he had previously written or sung. And having put those songs down and witnessed the sad demise of his record label, TD Lind came home to England.

That first album “Let’s Get Lost” (2007) was released in the UK to huge critical acclaim and wide play on national UK radio, while his second album “Call Me Sinner” (2009) was hailed as a “masterpiece”.

He’s played festivals from South By Southwest in Austin Texas to the Wireless Festival in London’s Hyde Park, opened the Americana Festival in London to rave reviews, packed out 3 nights at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire with James Blunt, a nationwide tour with Eileen Rose and The House of Blues in LA. His rendition of Woody Guthrie’s “Jesus Christ” featured throughout the Julie Walters and Rupert Grint Christmas hit movie Driving Lessons, five of his songs featured throughout the British indie movie “Three Men in a Restaurant” and he’s scored the major award winning gritty East End gangster documentary film The End. His music has been play-listed throughout UK radio, gaining single and album-of-the-week on BBC, ILR and student radio, as well as single-of-the-week on iTunes and making it to their Essential music compilations.

During this time his songs were also being covered by UK and European pop artists, from Sarray in Spain to UK singer/songwriter Kate Aumonier and major UK pop star Duncan James.

Then in 2009 TD Lind moved to Los Angeles, where he started regularly playing shows at venues like The House of Blues, Cafe Largo and residencies at the Silverlake Lounge, Bordellos and Labrie’s. His music has continued to be placed in both film and tv shows, including the ABC series The Unusuals, while four songs from his last album were licensed to the independent Hollywood movie “Feed The Fish” starring Tony Shaloub, for which he also wrote the entire musical score. In the last few months he has created his concert “The Outskirts of Prosper” which he’s performed every week with his band for the past two months at LA’s premier singer/songwriter venue, Hotel Cafe, gaining accolades and praise from the likes of Randy Newman, Stephen Fry and the British play and film writer, Sir Tom Stoppard.

TD Lind has a very unusual and a very fine talent as a songwriter, and if you get the opportunity to see him play live, it’s absolutely astonishing, he’s just a natural entertainer. He’s definitely got it – he’s very very good!
Glyn Johns

TD Lind on Radio Venice

Radio Venice #15 – January 17, 2016

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