Barry Conley's Supersonic Jalopies - Radio Venice

Barry Conley’s Supersonic Jalopies

Supersonic Jalopies is the vehicle(s) for Barry Conley’s new Electronic Mind Expansion Project.
Armed with a Buchla Model 200 Electronic Music Box and The OutofControl-atron, Barry will take you on a journey to invigorate old and develop new synapses.

Barry Conley’s Supersonic Jalopies will shuttle you away on a road trip through your mind.
But first we must go into outer space to get into inner space!

Barry will be guiding another Supersonic Jalopies junket On November 2 at 1 pm at the world famous Palms in Wonder Valley (83131 Amboy Rd 29 Palms, Ca. 92277)

Barry Conley’s Supersonic Jalopies on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S12.E06 – October 27, 2019

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