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Teddy Cannon / Axe Hugger® / Guitar Yarn

Teddy Cannon is the man behind Axe Hugger® and Guitar Yarn.

Axe Hugger® is the patented, revolutionary slip-on cover for your guitar stand cradle; a must have musical instrument stand accessory for every musician in your life.
Axe Hugger® was created from a desire for convenience and a need for safety when it comes to the everyday care of a guitarist’s prized possession…their Axe. It does not make sense that, after purchasing a guitar, you may be instructed to refrain from cradling it in a guitar stand because long-term use can deteriorate and damage your guitar’s finish.

Our solution was to create a protective barrier (protecting your guitar’s finish from damage) that also transforms the entire look and feel of the guitar stand. Once just a place to put your guitar, your guitar stand can now become a beautiful respectful gesture. Hug your guitar!

Teddy Cannon on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S04.E04 – October 2, 2016

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