We’ve been abducted!!

(or are we really just taking a break?!)

Either way, we’ll be back in May for Season 3 … in the meantime, check out all the previous shows here »

We would like to thank all the musicians who have played on Radio Venice, check out the links in the sidebar to see who has played.

Big thanks to our host Michael Jost and our co-host Tonan Ruiz, Roy Edwards behind the scenes, Rae Stanton in Australia doing the website and social media, all the wonderful photographers and videographers – Petey Pete, Sky Willie, Karen Criswell, our number one supporter, Vreni Merriam, and all of you out there who tune in each week and support us … THANK YOU!!!

NB: We won’t be back next week with Feisty Heart cause that video was from a couple of months ago … but we WILL be back in May for Season 3 … stay tuned!!