Tater Cat - Radio Venice

Tater Cat

Tater Cat is new to Venice Beach; a Hermosa Beach transplant. Tater Cat grew up in Boston, playing bass for the hard-core punk band Insult. He’s now playing country guitar for Tammy Cash.

The duo met in 2010 at the LA Comedy Awards when they both were producing public access talk shows in their respective cities. They can play “Ode To Billie Joe” and maybe a lick or two from a song they are currently writing called “You Set My Crotch On Fire” a spoof comedy spin on Johnny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire.

Tater Cat can tell the story of how Tammy Cash’s crotch caught on fire during filming of the country music video Say Goodbye when she was spinning home-made fireworks made from steel wool dipped in gasoline on the end of a wire hanger.

Tater Cat on Radio Venice

Radio Venice #24 with Kenny C and Tammy Cash – March 20, 2016

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