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King Baumgardt

King Baumgardt is coming up on it’s 20th anniversary, more or less, who’s counting. They said they never could decide on a band name, but it was always clear that both their names had to be included. They make their home in Frankfurt, Germany. Frankfurt, not known for it’s great support of their local musicians, loves these two as their own sons and daughters.

Matthias Baumgardt, born and raised in Frankfurt’s East End, formed his first band at 14 and the neighbors looked on and grew up with him as he moulded Frankfurt’s live music scene until it fit him like a glove. He brought Rock, Rock‘n Roll and Blues to us and made them accessible, touchable, danceable and live-able! Music – as a way of life.

In 2000, April King wandered into the short-lived, but legendary Blues and Beyond in Frankfurt. At the end of the evening, Matthias asked her where she’d been all this time. Her answer was, “Waiting for you to finally show up, I guess”. April brings with her an authenticity and an unstoppable voice, she has been compared to everything from stardust to cinderblocks, you have to decide for yourself.

King Baumgardt is in the studio right now! Setting down the psychedelic stuff. It’s not clear, when this is all over, where we will be playing the big stuff. The people we pay our royalties to are sucking us dry and every time the city gentrifies a neighborhood we loose another Honky-Tonk to play in, now in the Corona aftermath, most of our venues won’t even open up again.

King Baumgardt on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S16.E12 – April 4, 2021

Radio Venice on Tour – Frankfurt

Featuring Tony Clark, La Mimosas, Matthias Baumgardt, Wolf Schubert-k + Bine Morgenstern and Michael Jost

Thank you Abbey Road Institute Frankfurt, Ulli Schiller and his students Dirk Andre, Holger Oest, Jakob Morschewsky and Lucas Baumeister, without whom this night wouldn’t have been possible.

The full cast and crew!

Radio Venice on Tour - Frankfurt
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Standing (L-R): Ulli Schiller, Jakob Morschewsky, Lucas Baumeister, Matthias Baumgardt, Michael Jost, Wolf Schubert-K, Louis Keppler, Christian Debus, Dirk Andre, Holger Oest, Rae Stanton
Sitting (L-R): Tony Clark, Andreas Keppler, Bine Morgenstern, Ulrich Keppler
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Radio Venice on Tour – Frankfurt – Monday, August 21

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8:20pm – 10:00pm CEST (Frankfurt)
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Radio Venice … Fine Music
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SPECIAL EVENT: Live from Abbey Road Institue, Frankfurt

Radio Venice on Tour – Frankfurt Musical Guests

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Matthias Baumgardt

Matthias Baumgardt, born in 1963 Frankfurt-Germany as the seventh and youngest child. There were a lot of records from the 60s by my brothers and sisters and also Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald from my mother in the house. So I started playing guitar when I was nine years old and had my first gig when I was 12. I quit school when I was 16 and went on tour with a Band called “Strassenjungs”. This is what I´m still doing, playing music for my living and having fun.

Matthias Baumgardt on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S16.E12 as King Baumgardt – April 4, 2021
Radio Venice on Tour – Frankfurt – August 21, 2017

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