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with Shelly Brown

Who or what inspires you?

Just finding time inspires me.

Why do you love Radio Venice?

Organic, community, passion, integrity. But mainly Rae.

Favorite song right now?

Harry Styles. Don’t judge me. Ha! It has a good fish film clip.

Favorite album right now?

Katchafire. Ha! A fan in Montana reminded me 🙂

Latest hobby you picked up?

Dancing Hula

Last thing you read?

“Amazing True Stories of Women in the Air”
-Australian Women Pilots

Best breakup song?

Anything by Jeff Buckley

Best makeout song?

Indian Ragas. They go for a loooong time 🙂

Favorite quarantine activity?

Recording my podcast. Walking in circles on the beach.

Favorite comfort food?

Shitake Mushroom Ravioli

Favorite instrument …

My Dad’s Dobro

… and does it have a name?

It’s called “Be careful with that, it was my Dad’s”

Shelly Brown

Shelly Brown

Shelly is a singer, songwriter, vocal coach and more, hailing from the bayous of the Northern Rivers in New South Wales, Australia. She was brought up jamming, fed on it from the womb- singing is her natural state of ease. She loves drinking coffee, then teaching people about singing, about harmony, about the musical release in letting go; fuelled by soul music, jazz improv and a folky calm.

The covid universe has redefined music for our culture, and so, musicians are finding new ways to create and be their prolific selves. Shelly created a songwriting circle, to build community and encourage inspiration; she creates a singing lesson podcast welcoming you to partake in your own personal singing lesson and jamming inspired music theory. Shelly loves to serenade at weddings, teach vocal groups, and was sinking her head and heart into teaching choirs as covid hit.

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