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Aroyn Davis is an eclectic 29 year old from South Central LA. The multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, keys and drums) is well versed in all musical genres from Punk Rock to Hip Hop. In his early 20’s you could find him DJ’ing in an after hours club, playing bass/guitar for a Brazilian Reggae band, producing hip hop/R&B tracks or even playing a hybrid of Punk/Ska/R&B/Jazz with Angelo Moore’s (Fishbone) band Dr. Maddvibe. These days he plays bass with Particle Kid and Sunny War. Aroyn wears many hats and has been focusing more recently on developing his solo singer songwriter material.

He will present this body of work under the name: A’Dā (pronounced “ay day”).

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Venmo: @aroyn

A’Dā on Radio Venice

Radio Venice Season 17 Premiere – May 16, 2021
Radio Venice S15.E04 – October 11, 2020

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