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Help an indie band finish their next record

We are working with a high-quality production team to create our 6 track EP “Moments Like These,” and need your help to finish it. In return, we are offering a lot of great perks, including a signed copy of the finished album, a limited edition album art poster, and even a private backyard concert for the high-rollers. Even a donation of $5 is much appreciated, as it will help us get closer to our goal of sharing our music with the world.
– Stage 11


Melodic rock band, Stage 11 blends Singer/Songwriter sensibilities with dynamic alternative rock energy. The band was formed in LA as an acoustic trio in 2009 by Diego Garcia (singer/guitarist), Dusty Arth (guitarist), and Evan Michael Hart (drummer/percussionist/singer). Joined by Billy Ray Dyer on bass in 2011 and by Matthew Fennelly on lead guitar in 2013.

This campaign is designed to help them finish their next EP “Moments Like These” which they’ve been tirelessly working on over the last few months. Never before have they been able to achieve the high production value that they are already hearing from this time around in the studio. This is due to the high caliber producer and engineer that they have been fortunate enough to be working with.

This will be the first professionally produced record with their full, 5 piece, line-up. This is huge for them because it gives them the chance to share with the world music that they’re proud of. We here at Radio Venice want to give you the opportunity to be part of their story by pre-ordering your own copy of “Moments Like These” along with receiving some other unique perks.​

Come join us on this Sunday at 4:20pm for a unique performance … we will be joined in the studio by Diego Garcia and Dusty Arth who will perform an acoustic version of the entire upcoming EP “Moments Like These”.

Check out their Indiegogo campaign and give them all your money! Well, some of it at least.

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Stage 11 on Radio Venice

Stage 11 first appeared on Radio Venice #11 … we wished we’d planned that!

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