with Jeremy Parker

Who or what inspires you?

I get inspired when you get that “Sizzle” feeling when a melody dances on top of music or a harmony gives you chills. That is the drug of sound that I’ve chased since I first experienced it.

Why do you love Radio Venice?

They have brought in so many independent artists who you would never hear of or get to listen to. Plus they embrace the diversity and spirit that we all love in Venice.

Favorite song right now?

Superwoman by Stevie Wonder

Favorite album right now?

RTJ4. The new Run The Jewels album is the truth!

Latest hobby you picked up?

Wake Surfing. I’m living in PA and there’s no waves here so I started surfing behind a boat.

Last thing you read?

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Best breakup song?

Please Please Please by James Brown

Best makeout song?

Here in Your Bedroom by Goldfinger

Favorite quarantine activity?

I built a miniramp in my backyard so I could skate it during quarantine.

Favorite comfort food?


Favorite instrument …

My 73 Martin D18. It was my father’s (who passed) guitar that he used every Sunday to lead worship at church. It’s not very pretty and falling apart but I love how it sounds.

… and does it have a name?

It’s the only guitar I have without a name, probably because it was my Dad’s before me so it didn’t feel like it was mine to name. I don’t even know if the guitar is a “She”.

Jeremy Parker

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