Q+A with Marie-Clo - Radio Venice

with Marie-Clo

Who or what inspires you?


Why do you love Radio Venice?

Such a wonderful initiative; artists from all over gathering to play.

Favorite song right now?

Bedroom by Litany

Favorite album right now?

VelkomBak by Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra

Latest hobby you picked up?

Depression. Just kidding. Knitting.

Last thing you read?

The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan

Best breakup song?

Anything Patrick Watson

Best makeout song?

Woman Is A Word by Empress Of

Favorite quarantine activity?

Dancing as if I’m at a party with humans.

Favorite comfort food?

Chips immediately followed by chocolate. Then chips again.

Favorite instrument …


… and does it have a name?

Synthy Cindy


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