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Radio Venice S08.E01 – SEASON PREMIERE – Sunday, March 25

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Alex Mazzaev

Alex Mazzaev – singer/songwriter. Born on 14 March 1991, in Balti, Republic of Moldova.
Lived in Moldova, Russia, Ukrain and Romania(present). Speaks Russian, Romanian and English.
Started writing his own songs at the age of 10 inspired by his parents(former musicians).
Vocalist in hard rock band in Moscow 2009-2012. (2 albums released)
Won a talent show in Moldova in 2012 and got into finals of the XFactor Romania in 2013.
In September 2013 released his first romanian single in collaboration with a romanian production studio and CatMusic label.
After a short period of learning he started writing songs in romanian. Though it wasn’t easy, he refused signing to any of the Eastern Europe labels and in 2016 released his first solo album “Endless Puzzle” through CDBaby. The production and the mixing of the album were made solely by him, contains 13 songs ( 7 in English, 3 in Romanian and 3 in Russian) and can’t be framed in a certain genre.
A.M. – “The process of making this album was a learning experience, the best is yet to come.”
In 2017 he released a single “Wasted” and began working on his new, “better” materials.
He has a long list of artistic influences from Russian pop to American hard rock and country. At this moment the best description of his music is Indie-pop-rock.
He’s constantly perfecting his cruft in music composition, mixing, production and live performance.
New singles and album are ready to be recorded and soon to be released.

Alex Mazzaev on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S08.E01 – March 25, 2018

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