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with Moon in the Milk

Who or what inspires you?

Boss Battles, the band’s cat “Keeper”, and N64.

Why do you love Radio Venice?

Radio for the people!

Favorite song right now?

“Cold Cuts” Chimmychee

Favorite album right now?

“In the evening” by Chimmychee Mcgee

Latest hobby you picked up?


Last thing you read?

“Pet Sematary” by Stephen King

Best breakup song?

“No more relations” by Chimmychee Mcgee

Best makeout song?

“Hold On You” Valley Queen

Favorite quarantine activity?

Post Apocalypse fantasizing

Favorite comfort food?

Prizza/Dinos Chicken

Favorite instrument …


… and does it have a name?


Moon in the Milk

Moon in the Milk

Gabriel Gonzalez and Jess Weaver came together in 2020 to write an Album of hits, “The Full Moon Project”. Each song was accompanied with its own Music Video they self produced. Now we continue this tradition once more with a full band ( Vernon West, Andrew Galleran, Garrett Crouch ) releasing a song and video on YouTube every month for the next year. We built our own backyard stage called “The Mess” and host a monthly show with fellow artist and musicians.

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Moon in the Milk on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S17.E12 – August 1, 2021

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