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The Blood Moon Howlers

The Blood Moon Howlers are a Los Angeles based three piece heavy whiskey drenched blues rock band with flecks of smokey burlesque jazz and psychedelic tendencies.

Core members include guitarist/vocalist Matt Wayne, bassist/vocalist/keyboardist JuJu and drummer/percussion Brandon Cooke. The band began in January of 2017 and since then, they have released 2 EPs and have been playing venues all around Southern California.

They are currently recording their first full-length album set to be released in the fall of 2018 including a song that will be featured in indie short film, “Sugar Babe.”

The Blood Moon Howlers on Radio Venice

Radio Venice 3 Year Anniversary Show – September 23, 2018
Radio Venice S08.E11 – June 3, 2018

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Radio Venice S08.E11 – Sunday, June 3

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4:20pm – 6:00pm in PST

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Paracosmic is a collaborative project of musicians from various parts of California and the United States. The band’s sound can be described as a funk-based improv flow, incorporating rock and blues with a keen taste for the psychedelic soundscape.

Forming through the deep seeded dreams of 4 individuals, Paracosmic began in 2015 in Los Angeles through mutual friends in the southern California music scene and festival circuits. Since then, the band has grown to a 6 piece and along with playing several staple venues in Los Angeles, are making their way onto Festival line-ups with their favorite artists.

So what does the name mean? Paracosmic is the adjective of the word Paracosm, which is a detailed, imaginary world. Within that concept the 6 musicians aim to take you on a very lucid yet imaginary funk voyage through your mind and reality simultaneously for a rockin good time!

Keep your ears peeled for PARACOSMIC.

Paracosmic on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S08.E11 – June 3, 2018

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