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Magatte Fall

Three-time Grammy Award winner and credited drummer/composer for “Black Panther”, Magatte Sow, aka Magatte Fall represents the best of both worlds.

Coming from a long line of musicians. At a very early age, Magatte Sow has been around West African music and dance and was exposed to innumerable artists from around the world that influenced him greatly. So it is no surprise that Magatte’s first performance experience began at the youthful age of 2 years old for his parent’s West African Drum and Dance Company.

During this time Magatte knew that he wanted to be a percussionist, and studied intently on djembe, sabar, and tama. His djembe teachers includes his father Malik Sow, Maissa Thioubou and Kissima Diabate. For sabar, he’s studied with Omar Mboup, Chiekh Tirou Mbaye; and Tama he’s studied with the late great Ndongo Mbaye. As he learned, he continued to perform with different artists in Los Angeles; and served his own community by drumming for many dance classes that he continues to do until this day.

As he got older, the demand for his budding talents got greater. He was casted in the movie “Amistad” and has recorded on albums for Ashley Maher, Angelique Kidjo, Rob Thomas, and many other artists. He has performed on many televised award shows as a percussionist, including the Nobel Peace Prize Awards; and has performed with artists from many different styles of music like Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, The Very Best, Ashley Maher, Andre Manga, Munyungo Jackson, Leon Mobley, Youssou N’Dour, Baba Maal, and Salif Keita, John Legend, Jill Scott, Janelle Monae, Dianne Reeves, Pedrito Martinez and etc.

Magatte Fall on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S15.E06 – November 1, 2020

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Brandon McCulloch

I started music lessons at age 8 after seeing an Indian 3 piece band perform in my parents apt in Calcutta. After years of classical guitar lessons I started my first garage bands in Northern VA. Eventually we were playing the east coast college circuit opening up for larger acts and headlining small tours.

I moved to LA in 1998. Brian Bell from Weezer got ahold of my tape and Silver was born. Silver was a 3 piece alt rock band that quickly gained steam in LA and was written about by LAweekly consistently. My songs were featured on Smallville, Deadliest Catch, One Tree Hill and many indie movies.

Since then I’ve appeared on Infected Mushrooms hit “In Front of Me”, on Parks and Rec playing myself, and am currently writing songs for a release, all of the material coming from pandemic times.

Brandon McCulloch on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S15.E06 – November 1, 2020

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Hailey Demian

Hailey Demian, Bass Guitarist, is a regular at Radio Venice, collaborating with a number of Radio Venice Alumni (mentioned below). He also writes his own solo music. He is a founding band member of Vorpium, with Milo Gonzalez and Richard Sherwood, and a founding member of Full Melt Reggae, with Alex Emami and Amit Gilad. He has collaborated with Michael Jost and the Venice Philharmonic Orchestra as well as with Peter Demian (Street Smart Music). more Hailey Demian »