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Love Me in the Dark

Love Me In The Dark creates music inspired by Americana, Folk, Soul and Roots traditions. Dovetailing vocal blends of harmony and melody, beautifully crafted vulnerable lyricism, ethereal slide guitar and meticulously designed songwriting create an emotionally rich experience for the mind, body, and spirit.

LMITD feels, now more than ever, we need vulnerability, love, hope, compassion and gratitude in our daily lives. The two have created a sound completely authentic to who they are as individuals and to who they have become together. Steve is one of the last true audiophiles who not only produces records, but builds everything by hand in his studio, from the tube microphones he uses, to the tube preamps and tube compressors used on each of their recordings. The listener can hear the level of precise detail, artisan-ship and deep care infused into these productions.

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Love Me in the Dark on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S18.E07 – November 7, 2021

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Hue The Muse

Hue The Muse are an acoustic pop music group. Live performances include immersive muti-media arts and eco based educational programs to teach music and mindfulness concepts that inspire cooperative engagement in “solution-ing” around the worlds growing list of impossible problems desperately in need of solving.

It’s an “all hands on deck” moment for humanity, we need all humans operating at their maximum potential.

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Venmo: @Eric-Fowler-17

Hue The Muse on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S18.E07 – November 7, 2021

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Greg Cruz

Venice Street Guitar Player whose music is Roots Americana. Inspired by BB King, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams.

Exclusively Venice and Southern California area.

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Greg Cruz on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S18.E07 – November 7, 2021
Radio Venice S16.E11 – March 28, 2021
Radio Venice S06.E12 – October 2, 2017
Radio Venice 1 Year Anniversary Show – September 25, 2016
Radio Venice S03.E12 – July 31, 2016
Radio Venice #23 – March 13, 2016
Radio Venice #12 – December 6, 2015
Radio Venice #5 – October 18, 2015

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