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Who or what inspires you?

My past, present and future

Why do you love Radio Venice?

Because of its accessibility

Favorite song right now?

Sleaford Mods – Tweet, tweet, tweet

Favorite album right now?

The Dead Brothers – Black Moose

Latest hobby you picked up?

Sound engineering

Last thing you read?

The Descent of Man

Best breakup song?

Don’t break my heart – UB40

Favorite quarantine activity?


Favorite comfort food?

Ben Jerry’s Cherry Garcia

Favorite instrument …


… and does it have a name?

No but it’s played so much the mat finish is now gloss

Black Tar Roses

Black Tar Roses

The band consists primarily of husband and wife Darren and Sally Long who play and collaborate with various other musicians depending on their location. In the UK the band includes Dr John Maddock, a luthier, mandolin and banjo player, Anna Crabtree on violin and Ian Stewart on bass.

Josiah J, their producer has also added much to their sound with his exceptional multi-instrumentalist skills. In Los Angeles they enjoy collaborating with Steve McCormick and Heather Donavon of Love Me In The Dark among others. In Germany they have connections playing with a Rockabilly band.

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Black Tar Roses on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S17.E04 – June 6, 2021

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