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The Sea Tease

The Sea Tease is a vocalist, songwriter and guitarist born in New England, originating from Philadelphia and currently living in Los Angeles. Her debut album ‘Resilient’, produced by Fernando Perdomo of Nine Mile Station and Echo In The Canyon, was released to great reviews and gained international radio play.

Her guitar and voice work in tandem as they move through her blues rock composition saturated in desert vibes. She loves playing the Whisky A Go Go and The Viper Room and is in the upcoming documentary series What It Takes To Be A Rockstar and is on Ram On: The 50th Anniversary Tribute To Ram; which was sanctioned by Paul McCartney and features the original drummer of Wings.

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The Sea Tease on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S18.E06 – October 31, 2021
Radio Venice S17.E04 – June 6, 2021

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Q+A with The Sea Tease and Radio Venice
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Black Tar Roses

The band consists primarily of husband and wife Darren and Sally Long who play and collaborate with various other musicians depending on their location. In the UK the band includes Dr John Maddock, a luthier, mandolin and banjo player, Anna Crabtree on violin and Ian Stewart on bass.

Josiah J, their producer has also added much to their sound with his exceptional multi-instrumentalist skills. In Los Angeles they enjoy collaborating with Steve McCormick and Heather Donavon of Love Me In The Dark among others. In Germany they have connections playing with a Rockabilly band.

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Black Tar Roses on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S17.E04 – June 6, 2021

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Q+A with Black Tar Roses
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Alarma is known for their one of a kind Neo-Latin sound and high-energy live performances, inventively mixing styles in Reggae, Cumbia, and EDM.

The lyrical undertone of self-empowerment, healing, unity and community transcends into human emotions connected by contagious groves/melodies that get the people moving/dancing in self-rediscovery and release.

With their bilingual English/Spanish style Alarma has been interviewed and their music played on many radio stations across the country while receiving many positive reviews from music sites/magazines. They have performed in many festivals numbering in the thousands of music fans.

With a live performance on Fox 11’s Good Day LA and more new song releases coming out soon, this band is taking their sound out to the world.

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Alarma on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S17.E04 – June 6, 2021

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