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Utah Funk

Utah Funk is a multi instrumentalist from Philadelphia Pennsylvania who uses his vast array of styles and sounds to captivate people who like all genres of music. The sound is reminiscent of psychedelic sounds from the 60’s and 70’s mixed with new age indie alternative tastes such as Mac Demarco and yellow days.

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Utah Funk on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S18.E09 – November 21, 2021
Radio Venice S16.E09 – March 14, 2021
Radio Venice S14.E09 – July 5, 2020

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Q+A with Utah Funk - Radio Venice

Jaraneh Nova

Jaraneh Nova is an American born songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist based in Ojai, CA. She has been called the Voice from the Ancestral Well, drawing inspiration from her Native American roots, bringing the essence of Traditional Native American Music and infuses it with modern sound.

Inspired by the pioneers of song and sound. Her artistic journey weaves original music and native heritage into medicine stories that heal and transform. Her lyrics are powerfully born from prayerful states and channeled from ancestral helpers.

Jaraneh Nova on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S15.E09 – November 22, 2020
Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 6 – September 4, 2020
Radio Venice S14.E09 – July 5, 2020

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Regis Jr

Regis Jr plays bass for the band Mercy Jones. In his downtime, he’s a singer/songwriter. Wait, did he get that backwards? Regis Jr is writing about himself in the third person. He’s never met a guitar he didn’t like. He’s got music in the Roger Corman film Carnosaur – about some T-Rexes who take over the world. He’s stoked to be playing for you on Radio Venice.

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Regis Jr on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S14.E09 – July 5, 2020

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